A system for emotional healing

Logosynthesis is an innovative and comprehensive system for personal development. It's effective in coaching, counseling and psychotherapy, and can also be used as a self-help tool. As a new branch on the fast growing tree of energy psychology, it enables people to find their innermost life path, with the help of the age-old power of words, of a century of knowledge of psycho-analysis and of the latest insights in euroscience.

Logosynthesis contains a frame of thought, principles for change and actual interventions, embedded in a holistic view of human nature.

Trained professionals can easily learn it. Specialists from different schools of thought will detect features of their preferred model in Logosynthesis. However, the combination of working principles in Logosynthesis is new and unique.

Body, Mind, Essence

Human beings are more than body and mind. A soul, a higher self, a true self, an Essence, has always been part of human experience. We are beings beyond time and space, steadily developing, actively giving form to our world with the help of a creative intention. Essence confers meaning to our life. Our body and mind are instruments to manifest ourselves on this planet. 

Sometimes we tend to identify with these tools, and then we may lose the awareness of what we really are: Essence. Every once in a while we tend to believe we are our emotions, our suffering, our thoughts, our needs. We get convinced that there is nothing more. This way, people lose contact with the real and only reason why we're here. The flow of life energy gets stuck, life loses its meaning and people really suffer.

In contact with Essence, life energy is in flow. Life becomes a dance. In this flow, we can clearly perceive risks and chances in the here-and-now and live our lives accordingly. We're full of energy – in love, work and leisure.

Energy Structures

If life energy is not in flow, it's still, waiting to be activated, kept in structures. In this world, we need a balance between flowing and still energy to be able to orient ourselves. 

If too much of our life energy is in flow, our mind becomes chaotic and overwhelmed. If too much of our energy is still, or even frozen, we cannot act and react adequately.

People and events on our life path can influence this balance.Thus energy structures can be supportive or limiting. Supportive structures act as beacons in the sea of impressions and events in daily life. 

Limiting structures create problems. They don't offer orientation: they generate inadequate reactions.

Energy Structures in Space

In Logosynthesis, we assume that energy structures exist in 3D space, just as tables and chairs have a place in your living room. You can perceive these subtle energy structures in the same way we perceive a chair or a table with your senses. You can see, hear, sense, smell or even taste these energy structures.

 The perception of every person, object or event of our life experience can lead to the creation of an energy structure. The combination of all these structures offers a map to find our way in life. This can be a map with blank areas and wrong routes, or it can be a finely detailed representation of the outside world.

Energy structures are most powerful if they exist in your immediate vicinity, in your personal space. Structures can be threatening or stimulating, and you can react to them with fear or relief.

How Does Logosynthesis Work?

Logosynthesis aims at resolving inadequate energy structures and restoring the flow of life energy, in the following sequence: It identifies blocks in the flow of life energy – frozen worlds. It finds these energy structures in the body and in space, as triggers and as reactions to them.

It resolves or neutralizes the frozen world by the power of words, with the help of three specific sentences.

The Logosynthesis process opens new options for thinking, feeling and behavior. Continued application of the procedure increases your awareness of Essence and your life purpose – lightly and elegantly.

Logosynthesis induces a surprisingly gentle healing of trauma, addiction, fear and stress symptoms. It also creates a unique space for the spiritual dimension of guided change: our deepest human nature is not just an object for biological and psychological fine-tuning.

by Willem Lammers
Willem Lammers, MSc, DPsych, TSTA, is the developer of Logosynthesis. He is a psychologist, is a licensed psychotherapist and a consultant to people and organisations. He is also the founding director of ias, a leading training institute for workplace counselling in Switzerland.


Laurie Weiss, Ph.D., MCC, and Jonathan Weiss, Ph.D., are partners in life and work and are internationally recognized psychotherapists, authors and relationship specialists. They are the only Certified Logosynthesis™ Practitioners in the United States.

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