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Empowerment Systems

"........When Change is the Challenge."

The Breakthrough ProcessSM

16 Weeks to Dramatic Change!

  • Are you facing a major challenge?
  • Do you have a significant new opportunity?
  • Do you need to move to a higher level of performance?
  • Do you know what you need to do, but consistently resist doing it?
  • Are you a key player with significant gaps that are holding you back?

Achieve a 35-45% improvement in the important areas of your life...

The Breakthrough Process:

A completely individual approach; all sessions are with your own personal Coach!

  • Weekly 60-minute individual sessions
  • Intensive core strength analysis
  • Focused goal-setting in key areas
  • Continuous mentoring and accountability
  • Measure progress in your own terms
  • Build on strengths
  • Break through resistance
  • Firm foundation for meeting future challenges
  • Complete the process in 16 weeks

 Is The Breakthrough Process for you? Schedule a no-obligation meeting to discuss the challenges you are currently facing and to see how our services meet your needs. Call now, 303-794-5379, or E-mail <weiss@empowermentsystems.com>.

16 Weeks to Dramatic Change

Sessions One through Five:  Core Strength Assessment and Review

  • Review in depth your personal history of achievement, accomplishment and success, starting as far back as you can remember!
  • Focus your attention on the unique abilities and traits that make your successes possible.
  • Rediscover the strengths that you will use to achieve your Breakthrough Goals.

Sessions Six through Nine: Developing Breakthrough Goals

  • Breakthrough Goals are the ones you define as a 35%- 45% improvement in each major area of your life:

Sessions Ten through Fourteen: Do It Now!!

 Your coach is there, every day, to

  • Give support, reminders, suggestions and resources to keep you focused and on track;
  • Help handle the predictable backsliding that often comes after significant progress;
  • Listen to complaints, whining, and excuses AND
  • Refocus you on the core strengths that will help you accomplish your goals.

Sessions Fifteen and Sixteen:  Integration, Review, Future Planning

    You have come a long way very quickly, and these sessions help you plan how to stabilize your changes, maintain the gains you have made, and plan for future growth.

What kind of results can I expect?

    Your individual situation is unique. The Breakthrough Process is designed to identify and maximize the specific strengths you will draw on to master your own unique challenges. These stories illustrate the dramatic growth some of our clients have experienced.

Are you facing a major challenge? Here are some examples of people who were!

   A 48 year old former CEO of his own failed company was near despair. Struggling to pay off the $300,000 personal debt he incurred trying to save his company, he was working 60-80 hours a week. He believed he would need to follow this program for the rest of his life and hid his overwhelming feeling of failure from his associates. When he completed the process, he had a plan to pay off the debt in 4-5 years, while working more productively only 40-50 hours a week--and he was feeling successful again!

   After seven years with a small growing company, the VP of sales and marketing was considering leaving her lucrative position. Another VP's harassment was making the workplace so unpleasant for her and others that she was experiencing impossible stress on the job. Although the president and CEO had been advised years earlier to remove this undercutting individual, they appeared to be afraid to confront him because of his attacking attitude. With her coaches help, she was able to provide enough support for both the president and the CEO, that they finally removed the offending executive. She reports that now "It is like working for a different company." Back to Top

Do you have a significant new opportunity? Here's someone who did.

   A website designer started his own consulting business when he suddenly lost his corporate job. He needed to make enough money to cover his living expenses immediately. Although he was skilled in technical issues, he lacked marketing skills, and didn't know how to structure his business or organize his own daily activities. His self-confidence was boosted when his coach helped him recognize many dormant entrepreneurial skills and re-awaken a lifelong commitment to following his own direction. His Coach helped him launch his business by defining and developing the specific skills, procedures and relationships he needed to secure and complete several large contracts. Back to Top

Do you need to move to a higher level of performance? These people did!

   The young operations VP of a growing company was terrified that she would be unable to sustain her early outstanding job performance. She was certain that she had been overpromoted and would eventually be seen as a fraud. In the interviews, she recalled how she had transformed a near disastrous incident in high school by her understanding of the needs of the school principal, helping him create a plan that minimized embarrassment for everyone. She realized that her negotiation skills could help her succeed. She invited herself on a European trip to negotiate for other manufacturing facilities, and received a substantial raise.

   A physician was reprimanded for his treatment of nurses on the hospital staff, and was also asked to leave a group practice. His goal was to dramatically improve his relationships with all hospital personnel at a new hospital. After a few months he was told that his conduct was  professional and exemplary, and that he was exceptionally easy to work with.
 Back to Top

Do you know what you need to do, yet consistently resist doing it? Learn to break through resistance!

   A Realtor's aspirations to lead spiritual workshops caused her to try to please everybody, lose track of her priorities, and accumulate considerable debt. Examining her current financial reality, and comparing it to her life goals, helped her decide that she could only accomplish her dream by first increasing her net worth -- through selling real estate. She reestablished her professional contacts, partnering with a very successful agent who helped her stay on track and keep her work current. She set and started meeting financial goals to double her annual productivity. Limiting her work time to certain hours allowed her to continue making her spiritual contributions.

   An executive who had been wavering about whether to leave a deteriorating relationship for at least two years decided to use all of her (considerable) skills to either transform the relationship or end it. She stopped using her unfounded belief in her financial vulnerability as an excuse to stay in the relationship, and told her partner she was ready to leave if things didn't change. She reports that their conversations are now deeper and more honest than ever before. Back to Top

Are you a key player with significant gaps holding you back? Close the gaps and get where you want to go!

   The professional staff of an agency confronted their director because he was not responding to their concerns. He knew he was avoiding listening to their problems because he was powerless to provide them with the resources they needed to accomplish their goals. He learned to actively listen to his staff. He was pleasantly surprised that they responded to his attention by suggesting ways in which  they could all work together to make the agency more effective.

   A CPA with 10 years experience in a national firm was told that he would not be promoted to partner until he improved his relationships with everyone in the firm. After he worked with us for four months, the managing partner in his office said, "he softened his confrontational style, learned to better support the growth of people he supervised, and learned to set appropriate limits with clients, staff members and within himself; he became a much better manager." He was recommended for promotion. Back to Top

An unexpected result:

    A health professional was struggling to grow his practice, trying one marketing scheme after another, with minimal results. After a period of intensive reflection and review of his strengths and values, he recognized that he really wasn't very enthusiastic about developing a practice after all. Realizing that he had always been good at explaining complex things to people, he closed his practice and took a good job in technical sales, dramatically increasing both his income and his job satisfaction. Back to Top


 Is The Breakthrough Process for you? Schedule a no-obligation meeting to discuss the challenges you are currently facing and to see how our services meet your needs. Call now, 303-794-5379, or E-mail <weiss@empowermentsystems.com>.

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