I had a Logosynthesis session with Laurie to help with the feeling of burnout that I went through over a 3-5 year period. In one Logo session Laurie was able to support me to release the burnout energy and begin to move and love from an energized, peaceful place.

The power of the energetic process of seeing/feeling the trigger and then being supported and seen by others to use the words and then experience the shift continues to amaze me. It goes beyond analysis, interpretations and stories to the heart and soul of wholeness that already is, once the energies are returned, retrieved, etc.


Logosynthesis: Here’s some practical magic for the easeful freeing up of energy, choice, options. Whatever it is that seems to be in the way of your full expression, Logosynthesis can help you shift that. It’s got it all – fast, easy, effective.

Anna Downing

Logosynthesis has opened up a new world for me. I feel that I learned a wonderful method for handling energy that doesn’t belong in my body, my being or my “world.” I feel more confident and more relaxed in ways I’ve never felt before. It is a beneficial experience that I want to continue expanding on and developing in my everyday life. I have gained great knowledge from this process in working with both Laurie and Jonathan Weiss. They provided both an intimate and global perspective that is invaluable to me and others in the group.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity at this point in my life. I will use the skills I learned in this 5-week time span.

Rhonda Newbold

Logosynthesis reframes my feelings into a new context that releases me. I am no longer at the effect of conflict and powerful emotions when I use this technique. Deceptively simple but profoundly effective.


Now that I have experience with this process, I use it regularly whenever I find myself thinking back on some problem in my past, or become aware of a pattern of feeling or behavior that desn’t serve me. It’s easy, quick and you can start anywhere with anything. Watching the results play out during the process and later in my life is fun! Over time I get to refine various issues…


I personally found great value in the Logosynthesis you shared with us and it has helped uncover other obstacles I have been struggling with and didn't even know about!

I look forward to using this tool extensively.


In my first night of class I used this technique to address what I glimpsed as the image of a “judge sitting on my shoulder telling me I can’t write.”

For several months I would start moving toward my laptop to write reports and papers for a certification process I am in, but I would get a feeling like “I can’t do it” and would find something else to do instead. 

I had wondered if I was going to be able to complete the certification. After using the Logosynthesis technique I went home and started writing. Over the following weeks I actually enjoyed writing. I completed all of the many writing asignments.

It feels miraculous.

Bonnie Lewallen

Logosynthesis is the most useful intervention method I ever have experienced. Every week of the class was a revelation. I came with a basket full of issues. The process helped me very quickly recover from a series of panic attacks due to unusually stressful circumstances.

I would recommend the class to anyone who would like to move through life with greater ease and effectiveness.

The tools gained are invaluable. They also are easy to learn – with Laurie & Jonathan’s help – and then to use on oneself and even to assist others. The class is one of the best things I have ever done for my own sense of well-being.

Patricia Moore
NLP Master Practitioner

Before I had ever learned of Logosynthesis, I had worked with many different practices and methods of healing the mind, the body and the soul. When I first heard of this technique, I thought, okay...the newest flavor of the month. As it turns out, Logosynthesis has become one of the simplest yet powerful tools I use, sometimes on a daily basis. The skill and wisdom that Jonathan and Laurie bring to it is phenomenal and a very special gift.

Cynthia McMahon

My experience of Logosynthesis, as presented by Laurie and Jonathan Weiss, has been nothing short of amazing. 

I have had virtually no exposure to conventional psychological counseling or therapy in my life, but have known many people who have. In general I have not seen that those people were helped much by the process, and consequently have not had much regard for it. Jonathan and Laurie have completely transformed my opinion of the entire field.

In the introduction to Logosynthesis they have provided, I have seen immediate and remarkable results with the other participants in our group, and indeed have made some very useful discoveries about myself by applying the Logosynthesis techniques.

For example, I did not realize the extent to which much of my energy has been bound up in my relationship with my late father. Although I have never felt damaged by that relationship, I now realize that it has given me a large part of my way-of-being in the world, including attitudes and behaviors that do not serve me. The application of the simple Logosynthesis processes as taught by Jonathan and Laurie have produced immediate results in my life, and I do feel that I have recovered a lot of my own power; power which I hadn’t even realized was missing. 

In summary, I feel much more able and powerful in my daily life, and am producing demonstrable results, particularly in the area of my business. 

I appreciate more than I can say the contribution that Jonathan and Laurie have made to me and my life by introducing me to Logosynthesis. 

Foster Brashear

  • I thought I could not get rid of old stuck thinking that easily

  • I couldn't release some weird thoughts.

  • I always would repeat old thoughts over and over and over -- now I feel I have new space in my mind for new adventures.

  • I never thought I could let some things go.

  • I felt stuck with some issues for years.

  • And now I do feel an opening and some bravery for some new ideas.

I do appreciate the work Laurie and Jonathan do and I enjoy their calm and steady approach.

Wonderful work.

Linda Lee Landon

I attended two Logosynthesis sessions with Dr. Laurie Weiss and Dr. Jonathan and was very pleased with the outcome. 

Before the sessions I was burdened by negative emotions related to past events. 

Laurie and Jonathan are masters at focusing on the kernel emotion that was causing distress and through the technique of Logosynthesis released the attachment to the emotion. 

Afterwards I felt relief and freedom, a space was opened filled by the present and moving positive energy into the space where the negative energy had resided. 

Logosynthesis with Laurie and Jonathan as your coach has the power to transform your negative energy into life giving positive energy enabling you to get in touch with your innate essence. 

Deborah Kramer

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